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Financial Planning

Savvy investment gurus the world over believe that the best way to grow assets over the long term is through prudent asset allocation and by diversification within an asset class. Asset allocation and diversification is the holy grail of successful investing. And successful investing demands expertise, focused attention and time.

However, time and responsibility constraints make it difficult for individuals to manage their portfolio of assets in a meaningful way, which is why hiring a competent portfolio manager is a logical solution.

Against such a backdrop, Padmakshi-Mondial provides all the hand-holding necessary to help you skilfully manoeuvre and negotiate challenges along the path to fruitful investing. Domain knowledge and advisory on asset allocation and diversification is a theme that we pride ourselves on as our mainstay and forte.

The Padmakshi-Mondial initiative is a coming together of two established investment solutions intermediaries, one India-specific and the other global in reach, to provide a unique platform to investors; Indian, NRI and foreign, enabling them to take advantage of investment opportunities both in and outside India in a way that was hitherto not possible.

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