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Investment Advisory (Equity & Debt)

At Padmakshi-Mondial, we uncover exceptional opportunities by leveraging the depth of our market knowledge to help our clients protect and grown their wealth over the longer term. We aim at consistent absolute returns and not necessarily glamorous returns.

Our approach to investing in equities is essentially bottom-up with emphasis on sector timing and sector rotation since not all sectors of the economy perform well in sync. A diversified portfolio comprising a mix of growth and value stocks of quality companies with focused attention enabling prompt response to changing micro and macro factors makes for successful investing.

Equities As A Means To Wealth Creation

The least that investors desire is capital protection and generation of positive, absolute returns despite their unique goals based on their own objectives and risk profiles. Wealth is created when return on investment is higher than the rate of inflation.

Among the various avenues for wealth creation, equities have historically outperformed other investments over a longer period of time. The key to equity investing revolves around expertise and time. Expertise that dispassionately interprets macro factors such as economic trends, political climate, inflation, interest rates, etc. And fundamental analysis of micro factors specific to individual companies. Time in the market rather than timing the market is the bottom line. Investment is a journey and not an event.

In the last 10-years since 2005, the equity market has delivered over 17% CAGR, however only a tiny percentage of equity investors were able to generate such returns despite the equity market offering such an opportunity.

Investment Rationale

Capital preservation and generation of positive, absolute returns is fundamental to our investment philosophy. We do not necessarily aim at outperforming a rapidly rising market, rather we aim to avoid acute troughs in a falling market so that your portfolio's volatility is less pronounced vis-a-vis the benchmark indices, thereby providing a steadier return on your portfolio during rising as well as falling periods combined. Quality Business, Competent Management and Growth at Reasonable Price (GARP) are at the core of our Investment Philosophy.

Key Tenets

Long-term wealth creation >> Exploiting the price-value disparity >> Diversification >> Superior Research >> Focus on Growth at a Reasonable Price (GARP) >> Personalized Advice >> Margin of safety

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