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Padmakshi-Mondial Wealth Management Pvt. Ltd. was formed to provide a unique platform for investors; Indian, foreign and NRIs. The financial services industry is evolving as quickly as India's economy is growing. Globalisation, the Indian demographic and its vibrant economic environment means there are financial services opportunities arising in and outside of India that have never existed before. The Padmakshi-Mondial initiative aims to harness these opportunities and bridge them with the Offshore environment, allowing Indian nationals, NRIs and foreign investors a greater span of investment choices.

The principals of the business, Rohit Chothani (Padmakshi), and Sean Kelleher (Mondial) are committed believers in guiding the wealth management industry from "a service into a profession," and with that mission in mind, are amongst the Founding Members of The FPSB of India (The Financial Planning Supervisory Board).


Why Padmakshi-Mondial Wealth Management

The association of two established businesses, one with immense local experience and a first-class reputation with established local offices and licensing, the other with expertise in Offshore financial services and products and access to the largest product providers and asset managers in the Offshore space. Together we provide a unique platform for investors; Indian, foreign and NRIs.

All Padmakshi-Mondial consultants are trained by the Mondial Academy, a business line with training accreditation from the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment (the CISI). Financial Consultants are managed along the lines of passing very high minimum standards.

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