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NRI & QFI Investments

The setting up of a dedicated India Opportunity Desk at Mondial in Dubai provides an opportunity and interface to Indian investors to make investments in assets outside India. Conversely, NRIs and foreign investors (QFIs) are provided channels for facilitating their investments into India. The Padmakshi-Mondial Investment Platform opens up new avenues for NRIs to participate in the rapidly growing Indian economy, to seize and exploit unprecedented opportunities arising on account of the vibrant young Indian demographic, and to present an interface for independent, unbiased and honest investment advice.

On-Shore Rupee Investments for NRIs

Financial Solutions

Being of Indian origin, NRIs have the added benefit of being eligible for making Rupee investments like any other Indians. As Indian assets such as Equities and Debt (bonds) provide an excellent long-term opportunity, we advise and help channelize such investments into Mutual Funds, Direct Equities, and Structured Investment Vehicles like Portfolio Management Services, among others.

Real Estate

We leverage our expertise in real estate research to identify opportunities for investors. We provide property advisory, investment advisory, taxation advisory and property management. We assist and mediate in leasing/renting and buying and selling property for investors. NRIs can use Indian Real Estate for diversification of investments where foreigners are not permitted under law.

Taxation Advisory

NRIs face daunting challenges on taxation matters because of the complexity of regulations. We provide taxation advisory through our partner's tax consultants based in the UAE.


NRIs can avail of the expertise of our insurance team for cost-effective solutions in India as well as for obtaining tax benefits on their Indian assets.

Tax-Free Bonds and Structured Investments

NRIs can invest in rupee-denominated Indian Tax-free bonds to provide a long-term investment solution extending between 10 and 20 years.

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